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September 29, 2023
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Ayurvedix Shankhpushpi Ark


Ayurvedix Shankhpushpi Ark (Morning Glory) Shankhpushpi is a herb that is used to concoct many Ayurvedic remedies and has many medicinal benefits. It can help improve mental health and might help in uplifting the mood of the person. Shankhpushpi helps to calm the brain and relieve stress and anxiety. It can also help improve memory and focus.


About this item

  1. Ayurvedix Shankhpushpi Ark is a natural syrup that contains shankpushpi or morning glory extracts.
  2. Shankhpushpi can help improve mental health, uplift mood and maintain a positive spirit. It helps calm the brain and relieve stress. It can also help improve memory and focus.
  3. Can help in providing relief from mental tiredness caused by a long day of work
  4. May help in improving memory and concentration levels of a person
  5. Can help in relieving headaches
  6. It can help prevent sleep disorders and help attain restful sleep
  7. Doses: Please take advise from the doctor. In basic dose, you can take up to 30 ML in a day. Mix it with double qty. of water.
  8. It’s a Natural Ayurvedic Product made with Traditional Distillation Method. The product is a single herb distilled water.
  9. Note : During the steam distillation process, steam passes through the plant material. The combination of heated steam and gentle pressure causes the essential oil to be released from microscopic protective sacs. As the vapor mixture flows through a condenser and cools, it yields a layer of oil. Hence, It may smell little pungent.
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