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September 30, 2023
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September 30, 2023

Ayurvedix Organic Hibiscus Powder


About this item

  1. 100% NATURAL: Ayurvedix Organic Hibiscus flower powder is prepared from high quality dried Hibiscus flower. It is free from any chemical or preservative.
  2. NATURAL CONDITIONING OF HAIR: Hibiscus strengthen and conditions the hair. Regular use of hibiscus controls hair damage and prevents hair from breakage resulting into long and strong hair.
  3. HAIR VOLUME BOOSTING : With regular use of hibiscus powder, hairs become thicker and denser which boost the hair volume.
  4. HIBISUCS POWDER FOR HAIR: Hibiscus powder is Rich In Amino Acids, that nourishes the Hair, strengthen the roots, and keep the locks lustrous and healthy
  5. EDIBLE GRADE: Ayurvedix Hibiscus flower powder is Edible and can be used for oral consumption along with hair and skin application. Preservative-free.
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