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September 30, 2023
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September 30, 2023

Ayurvedix Natural, Organic and Herbal Indigo Powder


About this item

  1. 100% chemical-free, so safe: Comes to you with no added chemicals whatsoever; no preservatives, no artificial colourants, no hydrogen peroxide (bleach), and no ammonia.
  2. 100% Organic Indigo Powder: Farm-fresh and certified organic indigo leaves that have been shade dried and pulverised for easy hair colouring.
  3. Indigo can be applied in a one-step or two-step method to produce various tones such as black, brown, dark brown, and so on. It colours hair naturally and attractively without the use of chemicals.
  4. Carefully crafted: Crushed into a microfine powder, this indigo powder releases more colour, faster. It is also simple to use, as it easily combines into a lump-free paste.
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